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Intimate Tickles Bath Bombs


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Bath bombs are a fun way to bring more excitement to your bath, but did you know that these fizzy bombs also supply many great additional benefits for your skin?

Bath bombs are palm-sized spheres or blocks that fizzle and dissolve rapidly when tossed into your bath water. Not only do they add a bit of fun to your bath but ours are made with variety of all-natural ingredients, designed to soothe, detox, and help you relax.  Made in the US.

They weigh 5oz and are 2.25 inches in diameter.


  • Tropical Hedonism – The name says it all. A touch of Tropical Coconut with some citrus and sand
  • Glamorous – Very rich fresh spa fragrance creating a feeling of glamour
  • Strawberry Fluffer – The essence of Creamy Strawberries, touch of flowers & champagne
  • Kissing Mermaids – A beautiful whimsical scent, fresh & clean. Like a vacation spa by the ocean perhaps in Bora Bora
  • Candy Lips – gentle aroma of freshly spun cotton candy & gentle spa salt
  • Lick My Frosting – ‘Crème Fraiche’, soft lemon, creamy whipped butter, followed by vanilla and sugar
  • Blue Balls – Crisp ozone notes with sea salt, orange and rose with a powder fresh clean finish with a touch of floral
  • Sex Bomb – mix of gender-neutral scents mingle together in this exciting bath bomb

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Tropical Hedonism, Glamorous, Strawberry Fluffer, Kissing Mermaids, Candy Lips, Lick My Frosting, Blue Balls, Sex Bomb